The food we put in the boxes are so carefully and thoughtfully curated to satisfy a diverse palette. 

Some of the cheeses you will find in our boxes include truffle brie, manchego, pecorino, grana augusta, guinness cheddar and so much more. We love including pickled beets, castelvetrano olives, cornichons and hot honey. We also love meats from Pig and Pantry, Bulk Cheese and Prairie Meats. We love foraging Street Stall Saturdays and the Farmer's Market as well as visiting Little Market Box and Sask Made Marketplace to find local products to complete your grazing experience.

As a nod to my heritage, our boxes always include Philippine Dried Mangos. 

Inspired by my children's joy when unwrapping a gift, our box is packaged to remind you of that joyful experience. Our signature wax seal, logoed ribbon and made-from-recycled-material boxes work so well together to give you a feeling of luxury. 

Inside our box, you will find reusable items such as jam jars, spoons and hors d'oeuvres picks.

We are still learning and growing and it is our goal to continue to look for packaging products that are reusable.